Why people attracted to Apple


People trapped in Apple's trap

There are many Apple believers out there.

Always buy and use Apple. They are not looking for other products.

When Apple's new product comes out, they immediately check it online. Even before the new product came out, they were wondering if the rumor was correct or not.

There is no doubt that I also have Apple disease. Not only computers and smartphones, but tablets and earphones are dyed with the apple mark.

It's clear that it's really stuck in a cleverly crafted Apple trap, but getting out of this trap can be a daunting task.

The American newspaper Wall Street Journal has published an article entitled "Apple Products That You Should Buy or Don't Buy Now".

I think many people don't care about that, but I think some Apple addicts are there as well, so I would like to introduce it.

I think it will be helpful to see how Americans are analyzing the products that are expected to be sold in the future.

Analysis of American experts(Article of Wall Street Journal)

Now, basically, you shouldn't buy Apple products.

First, the iPhone is likely to be announced as the next model. The next model will be 5G compatible, the design will be renewed, and the camera performance should be improved.
If you buy the current model iPhone 11, you will regret it. This is because the next model (probably the name IPhone12) has the above performance and is likely to be sold at the same price as the current iPhone 11.
The iPhone 11 will be sold at a considerably cheaper price than it is now.
There's another reason to regret buying an iPhone 11. Apple seems to renew the software of iPhone 6S and later models.
With this free upgrade, your old iPhone may be refreshed. Wait for the iPhone 12.

When I was told such a thing, I was wondering why I switched to the iPhone 11 the other day. But I hate losing, saying, "What's wrong with 5G. You can watch videos such as YouTube without problems on 4G now. Do you need more than this on your smartphone?" and comfort myself.

You also shouldn't buy an Apple Watch. The reason is as follows.

The latest model, Series 5, is not bad, but the next model seems to have dramatically improved sensor performance.
It is also reported that the sensor will be able to measure blood oxygen saturation (one of the indicators of possible corona infection).
The new model is likely to go on sale this fall. If that happens, the price of the current high-end model will be reduced.

I thought the description of the iPhone was something I didn't want to see, but I shouted with joy whe I read about my favorite noise-cancelling earphone, the AirPods Pro.

It seems that you can buy only this one now. The reason is stated as follows.

AirPods are scheduled for a software upgrade in the fall, which will likely make them even easier to use.
AirPods will learn your charging habits and optimize your charging to reduce battery degradation.
You will also be able to enjoy the surround effect of being in a movie theater.

The DNA of Steve Jobs flowing steadily

I'm sure many of you may think it's just a gadget, but there are some (but not always) new Apple products that may change our lifestyle.

Just as Sony's Walkman brought out music that we used to listen to in the room a long time ago, Apple's noise-canceling earphones AirPods Pro is said to be enough to always wear it except when sleeping. 

Recently, it is said that an increasing number of housewives are doing housework while wearing these earphones.

The information received from the earphones is suitable for work, but you can also listen to university courses while doing household work.

If the iPhone linked to this earphone is near the sleeping baby, it seems that an application is being developed that signals will come to the earphone of mother when something happens to the baby.

It is precisely because hardware is changing the way people live.

It can be said that the DNA of Steve Jobs, who produces such products, is still alive even after his death.